Signal issues


Hi all

Recently my signal issues have been getting worse and I cannot figure out why. Every channel I watch stutters and blocks up. I got a an aerial guy out to check the aerial and he stated that the signal strength was fine. He connected the aerial directly to the tv and true enough all channels have a great picture and Do not stutter. So I’m assuming my aerial is fine but I have added a signal booster just to be safe.

So after this I thought I’m having network issues. But the likes of Netflix and Plex will stream with no issues in full HD.

What I’m using:
HD homerun connect duo
Mac mini (as a server)
Apple TV (to watch channels)

I run Plex and channels DVR from the Mac mini. Plex has no issues streaming content

I have checked the hd homerun page to check signal strength and it shows varying signal strength and quality (which goes up and down) but it’s normal 100% for signal strength but quality is low

I’m at a loss to fix this. Anybody got any ideas?


100% signal strength is the hardest to troubleshoot. HDHR tuners are notorious for not dealing well with too strong signals. The problem is that an overloaded signal still shows 100% regardless of how much stronger it actually is.

If your antenna has a preamp or is otherwise powered, try turning the power off to the preamp or whether the signal amplifier is. This may fix your problem. Another option is an attentuator to reduce the signal, or ut a splitter in the line before it reaches the Duo.


As @racameron wrote: 100% signal strength can actually be a Bad Thing on HD's CONNECT series of tuners. (Particularly the Quatro, it seems.)

First step is to lose the preamp, then show us signal values for problematical channels. It could actually be your signals were overloaded to start with. (Btw: Unlike racameron, I think you're really going to have to bypass it, not just power it off. I could be wrong.)

In general terms: Unless you know you have low signal strength, I'd say at least under 65%, a preamp is nearly always a bad idea. Our Quatro is generally solid as a rock with anything over about 50%.


So I have removed the booster all together. And this is what I’m getting. Image quality has improved but still stutters blocks up etc.

I’ve reason a ticket with silicon dust just to rule out the homerun.


Hmmm... Signal strength of 66% is ok, but a signal quality of only 65% is marginal.

Is the HD HomeRun Config GUI available for the Mac? If so: I suggest you install and run that. It will update those numbers in real time. I'd be interested in knowing if those Signal and Symbol qualities are stable.

How are your HDHR tuner, Mac and ATV connected to your network?


Could still be issues with your network. Plex and Netflix are dealing with compressed streams which require less bandwidth. Unless you have something enabled, Channels is typically sending the full OTA signal over your internal network which has higher bandwidth requirements.


All devices are wired. Interestingly the signal is better using channels compared to running the hd homerun software.


Got this resolved. Silicondust recommended a High Pass Filter with Braid Breaker. This has cleared up all my signal issues


Which did you use? A few of my locals are like this.


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