Silicondust HDHomeRun Scribe 4K OTA DVR Recorder ATSC 3.0

Selling a Silicondust HDHomeRun Scribe 4K OTA DVR Recorder, used, excellent condition. Purchased six months ago, no issues. I have excellent eBay feedback.

$225 shipped, via Paypal or other cash apps. Fast shipping, tracking, signature required.

Technical specifications


• 4 tuner
• ATSC 3.0 (on 2 tuners)
• ATSC 1.0 (on 4 tuners)
• 1TB internal hard disk
• 100 base TX high speed network
• 1 year warranty

Size and weight
• 117 x 117 x 24mm (wxdxh)
• 6oz (180g)

What you need

• Antenna suitable for reception in your area
• Coax cable (for your antenna)
• Internet connection for program guide data
• Home router or Ethernet switch

Please note:
This product HDVR-4US-1TB is designed for use in the US and Canada and will only work in regions using the ATSC broadcast standard.

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Scribe doesn't work with Channels so I doubt anyone here would be interested.

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To clarify: the Scribe's tuners will work with Channels, but its hard drive will be inaccessible.

The higher cost of the Scribe with its drive is not worth the premium compared to using a Flex as a tuner with Channels.

My bad, I thought this was the storage-only model. That one is called the Servio.

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That is correct. The Scribe works, accessing the hard drive with the Channels app is not currently possible. I currently use a combination of the HDhomerun app and Channels app for DVR and viewing purposes.