SiliconDust HDHR3-US, issues w/ latest Channels version


Hi guys,

I'm running older hardware with Channels and have not run any issues until recently. I'm now having problems with signal. It seems to be only occurring within the Channels app (Plex works fine, as well as direct from antenna to TV). I actually replaced my antenna over this, thinking it was failing. My next move will be to replace the Homerun, but I'm not thinking this is the issue (although I could be wrong). I've also re-installed Channels, restarted Apple TV, and I'm still having problems with reception.

Does anyone know if changes were made to the app recently that may be causing breakage with older Legacy tuners?


What, precisely, are the symptoms?


It seemed to be reception issues with the antenna (or possibly a failing tuner in the Homerun)? But I don't know if this is the case since it only seems to happen within the Channels app. The video and audio glitches with digital artifacts. It just seems like a poor signal. It could certainly still be a hardware issue, just seems strange.


If you use the InstaTV app on the same Apple TV, it plays back without issue?


I'll have to try this and report back. Thanks for the quick reply


Channels, on the LAN, uses native resolution and bit rates. So it tends to be more bandwidth-intensive than other AV streaming. If there are any weak spots, they'll show up running Channels clients against an HDHR tuner or a networked DVR. (Same with SD's client apps.)

What does your LAN look like? How are the HDHR and streaming devices connected? What is the network between them (e.g.: Wired or wireless. Ethernet switch or connected via a WiFi router. Etc.)?


The older HDHR models are more susceptible to network issues, because they use UDP streaming. Newer models use TCP streaming (via HTTP) which is much more robust and will not drop packets as quickly.