Simplest Windows 10 app to backup Channels DVR

Looking to automatically occasionally backup Channels to an existing USB 3.0 drive. I don't think I need anything fancy or pricey. Any suggestions?


I have a backup that backs up the databases and logs to NAS minus the recordings but you can do those too ....

robocopy "R:\ChannelsDVR" "\EDSYNOLOGY\backups\ChannelsDVR" /E /XD "R:\ChannelsDVR\TV" "R:\ChannelsDVR\Movies" "R:\ChannelsDVR\Streaming" "R:\ChannelsDVR\Images" /E /MT /MIR /R:3

I'll give that a try. With any luck I can plug it into task scheduler.

If you want to copy everything it would look like this ..... Once the initial copy is completed on the next run only files hat have changed or added will be copied.

robocopy "R:\ChannelsDVR" "\EDSYNOLOGY\backups\ChannelsDVR" /E /MT /MIR /R:3