Single Channel Series Pass



Channels is a great product!

Would it be possible to add the ability to create a single channel series pass from within the app? I know this is possible from within the webUI, but it's a little inconsistent/impractical for my wife and extended family to use this and thus schedule correct series recordings.

I believe this should not only be possible, but potentially be the default behaviour; it would be great if by default, Channels records the series as it is presented on the channel from which the programme was selected. Most of the time this is what we wish to achieve; to archive a series as it is presented on a particular channel.

This is really only an issue when old episodes air on alternative channels (which it seems happens all the time); we can currently only choose to record everything from within the app. It's great that we can select to record only new airings, but it seems that old episodes are listed as new on alternative channels (presumably they have never aired on those particular channels before).

Many thanks for all your hard work!


I vote no to changing the default. I'd rather redundant recordings than missed ones. I do agree with adding option for single channel from within app though.


How about the choice for 1 or all channels in a pass? For instance, if I create a pass for "Big Bang Theory" on CBS, I get dozens of syndicated repeats on TBS and another independent cable source. If I select "New Episodes only" on the pass, I won't get the current season repeats I may have missed on the parent channel. There are programs that I want to get all episodes no matter which channel. All in All, Channels DVR is a great path to cut the cord. Keep up the good work.


You can edit your pass on the DVR web UI and enter a channel number to limit it. We know this would be useful to be able to do via the apps as well.