Siri Remote Skip Forward/Back Not Working

Just updated to latest test flight and the skip forward/back aren't working using my new ATV4k. If I hit the forward/back on my Sony remote using CEC it works. Not sure if this is related to the new tvOS 15 SDK.

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Can you confirm that it still works in v5.1.1 from the app store

Still working in 5.1.1. Need me to submit diagnostics?

Yea go ahead and submit from the beta app


I'm experiencing the same thing. Also, using the up/down buttons to bring up the timeline or info pane also don't work. Swipes and taps work OK.

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Yea seems like something changed with the new Xcode. We will investigate.


Same with v2021.12.02.0033

Also here to confirm not working. I’m actually still on server 2021.10.25.1801, so it’s def an apple change as nothing else has changed on my end.

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While we look into this, reminder that you can install older builds from testflight. And always use the release version.


Moved to my first gen 4K and on latest test flight the skip function is working as expected. So it’s either the new remote, the new 4K or the combination.

Surprised such a obvious and crippling bugged version was even released.
I guess they did not bother to test seeking at all this time.
but, thats we beta testers are for :upside_down_face:
at least it is easy to revert back.

(also this function has always been called seek to me, so nothing come up when i used search)

Fixed in the next release going out now.

We ship fast and hard and this was fixed in a few hours after being released. We mentioned that this was the first time it was being built against the new tvOS 15 SDK and there would probably be issues.

This is a beta, not a general release. We have zero requirements of stability on beta releases, we just happen to generally ship solid betas. It would seem that this is pretty clear. If you don't like things breaking, I'd suggest you stick with the general releases which don't change as frequently and are generally free of issues.


No worries. just thought that such a most basic function not working would have been noticed before publish (or at least by the time i fired the thing up late this evening).. don't ever recall having such a noticeable bug in any past beta before, but i have only been on Apple TV for somewhat short time now. Used Android TV for years before. And it worked fine last night.

Thought at first my remote buttons had gone out, since they have been getting crunchyier and starting to feel like they are failing or acting up. Been super busy with work over the holiday weekend and this week, overtime etc. And stores way to packed to pop in and buy a replacement remote.

WIth the most recent betas, I am having the similar problem with an A1625 Apple TV running tvOS version 15.1.1 and Channels version v12.13.40. I see the problem most when trying 30 second skips or trying to skip a commercial using the pad.

If I fall back to Channels version v11.26.2014 it works.

Is this a known issue?

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Haven’t seen others reporting it recently. I would suggest updating to tvos 15.2 and see if the issue is still occurring.

Upgraded to 15.2 and still have the issue

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On the original ATV4 I am having the same issue as well.
The only way to move the cursor is to PAUSE then DRAG to a new location.
(happens with 5.1.1 & 5.2 tvos using the latest sever & client betas.. almost since the ATV4K scrolling was fixed)

Not reported it because its in a location I don't use often and forget to say anything.

Works just fine on both ATV4Ks though.

2021/12/17 14:12:03.541029 New diagnostic log submitted under 15d6c7b0-a913-45e5-8259-8478db3a5d42

Thanks for the diagnostics. Fix in next build.

Sorry we didn't catch this earlier, pretty bad bug to live with.

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