Siri Remote v2 Commercial Skip - Apple TV 4k 2017

The double-press on Right or Left to the next commercial marker does work BUT?

It works if it is at the point to where it is going to skip the commercials then it works.

But it will not skip if it is in the middle of a show like it does with my IR remote ?

My IR Remote programed with the Apple TV Learning function allows me to skip commercials at any point, with the Channel Up and Down button when playing a show in the middle or at any point of the show, it will skip forward or backward ?

P.S Can this be made to work the way it does with with my IR remote?


This is by design, so you can click dpad right three times to skip ahead without ending up at the next commercial. The IR code for the dedicated skip button acts differently, because it is dedicated and not a generic dpad button.

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I did what you recommended by right clicking three times and still it does not skip like it does with my IR remote?


That's not what I was saying. Clicking three times will seek forwards three times. So if I want to seek forward 90s and my seek setting is set to 30s, I can click three times to do that. Instead if it skipped ahead on the second click and went to the next commercial, that would be very confusing.