Siri shortcut to seek x seconds

I see that Siri shortcut options for commanding another device are “seek” and “skip” forward and back. Seek jumps by the duration set in settings, and skip jumps by chapter.

The http api documentation says that there is also a /api/seek/{seconds} command to jump and arbitrary number of seconds.

Can this be added to the Siri shortcut options?

The use case is for sporting events. For example, the remote seek duration is set to 15 seconds, to skip between football plays. But a commercial comes and you want to skip ahead 150 seconds without scrubbing or 15 clicks. Or halftime comes and you want to jump 1200 seconds. In this world you’re catching up to a live event, and the event-in-process commercial skip doesn’t work (it doesn’t, it has no idea where the commercials are)

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I just call the API from a Shortcut for this.