Skip 1s: Universal Remote Control by Flirc

interesting new entrant from the folks at Flirc

Hey, this is what I've been looking for: Skip 1s. That darn Siri remote always skips 30s. This one, allowing me to skip 1s at a time gives me more granularity and fine control.

Got lots of skipping planned, so I ordered 2.

IR only is a bit of a disappointment…I’d prefer to also have bluetooth/wifi control since it’s more reliable and most modern AV devices support it.

Can all of Channels custom commands be delivered via IR to an Apple TV (eg, direct channel number entry, go directly to the EPG screen, toggle CC on/off, etc)? I feel like most of those need either a bluetooth remote/keyboard or a TV remote that supports them over CEC, which is hit or miss depending on TV brand.

Even the Sofabaton U1 has Bluetooth ... definitely not interested in this one without Bluetooth.

In the comments section, Jason Kotzin says:

The "1s" name leaves plenty of room for future plans.

I'm sure I'll be asked this a lot, but adding wifi/bluetooth/etc, was too overwhelming, not from our side, but from the customer side.

A lot of companies tried, and failed. That's because with all these features, and ways to configure, things get messy extremely fast. So many things can go wrong leaving support a nightmare. Hopefully, what we're presenting, looks so obviously easy and simple. That's because we spent so long thinking this through, a story we will share during the campaign.

By completely starting from scratch, we have something extremely simple. We will continue to build on it.

They note the device has 1 year battery life, too. Similar to my beloved Harmony 650, which is also IR-only. I do not like remotes that have to be docked to recharge all the time. My Harmony Elite (when I was using it,) while more versatile, but only lasted 3-4 days on a charge. Blech.

There are always trade-offs and I appreciate where the FLIRC team is coming from on this.

I’d say this looks like a promising start and I’m excited to see what they have up their sleeves. They are unique in that they already have experience and a database of codes, thanks to their work with the Flirc adapters for many years now. And the marketplace deserves more entrants to fill the gap left behind by Logitech Harmony. So I’m rooting for them.

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How do you control a FireStick without Bluetooth ? that seems like a big miss.... unlees they want you to have a FLIRC hanging off the Sticks.

Seems that way, yes.

But it also looks like this remote will retail for less than $50. Considering the current universal remote landscape, this feels refreshing. It may not be the remote for everyone, but I think this model will appeal to many. If it succeeds, maybe a Flirc Skip 2s will follow, with RF support included? And then a 3s later on, that includes a screen, followed by a model with a touchscreen? But again, I see this as a simple entry level model, that just gets the ball rolling. With one year battery life!

Looks interesting, but I echo the need for bluetooth with apple tv remote emulation.

I use my harmony 650 all the time with channels dvr, a yamaha atmos home theater amplifier, and apple tv 4k.

I dont have a harmony hub.

For the most part I can accomplish everything i need to do with the gold old 650 harmony IR remote.

However, there are still a few things that cant be accomplished with the harmony 650 that require bluetooth.

For instance, apple in their infinite wisdom, has decided that there is no need to allow users to easily control the volume of airpods connected to an apple tv with IR control.

The apple TV has a learning function, but you can not learn an IR volume control that works with airpods when their connected to the apple tv. I connect some spatial audio airpod pros every night for private viewing pleasure while my partner sleeps.

Unless you use their remote over bluetooth, or an ios device and the ios remote app (now in ios control center) you have to go into the control panel and adjust the volume of your airpods there, which is kind of silly.

I cant be the only one in the world that wants to control my airpod volume using an IR remote.

If anyone sees this and has a simple solution that im missing let me know.

Ran into a thread on reddit about the 1s:

Interesting info on why they left out Bluetooth/Wifi from the folks designing the product:


I have the same problem with my Atmos Echo Wireless studios that the volume can be only controlled by my FireTV Remote ... That is why i had to change to a CUBE because I can control the volume Via Voice or Via Alexa App on my Phone. None of the universal remotes can control the volume via Bluetooth or iR.

More info on their site: The Skip 1s - Flirc

"New Orders Ship Spring 2023"

Looks good