Skip forward not working

Is skip forward working for anyone? it isn't working on iOS or tvOS on multiple devices i have. i am on latest versions. it was working as recent as yesterday.

What are you watching?

  1. live tv?
  2. recording?
  3. recording while it's currently recording?

Also, what are your seek settings set to? The default or did you change them.

There was in fact an update to seeking in the last 2 versions.

It is not working on #3. recording while it's currently recording. When I select "Watch Recording" of an in progress recording. skip works fine on library recordings that are finished or live tv.

I haven't changed the default skip. It is 30 seconds forward, 7 seconds back.

Thanks for reporting this! This has been fixed and is available in the next TestFlight beta. It's uploading right now and should be available soon.

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This fix is in the latest update that's available on the App Store.

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the update is working for me, thanks