Skip Guide In 12-Hour Increments & Quickly Return To Present Time


I would like if there was a way to skip on the guide in 12-hour increments to quickly check what is going on five days from now, for example. On that same note, it would be great to have a quick way to go back to the present time on the guide, even if that means clicking back out of the guide and opening it again, I'd be okay with that. The guide stays exactly where I left it, and being a few days ahead and having to scrub all the way back isn't that efficient.

Thank you for listening. Take care.



You can switch to a different filter like HD and then switch back.


Good to know. I will try that. Thank you!


When you say filter, I assume you mean the lineup on the left (Standard, HD, Favorites, Movies, etc.)? IF so, the only way I can get to that is by continuously moving all the way left on the guide until I'm at present day/time, and then it will jump over to that menu.


Plus one for this