Skip to a specific time

I would love it if there was a way to enter a specific time in minutes and seconds to be able to jump directly to. I extend my baseball recordings by 3 extra hours in case of extra innings or rain delays, so I end up with 6+ hour long recordings. When I sit down to start a game, I usually need to skip ahead about 15 minutes to skip the pre-game chatter. This requires 60 clicks and when I'm on a mobile phone, this takes me a few minutes to do because it buffers every 5 or 6 skips. I know I could use the scrub bar, but it's hard to only skip 15 minutes on the small mobile screen. It would be great if there was a way to enter 00:15 for example, to jump directly to that time.

You could do it via the API or write a Siri Shortcut

That's interesting, but as a feature request, can this be added to the UI for any of the clients? I'd personally love to see it on my iPad and android apps first as they have the smallest screens that I use pretty often

I think what would be more useful, is just a generally easier way to skip ahead at higher rates. I don't think adding a way to input a time to jump to is anything we'll ever really do.

I've been thinking about ways to seek further/faster for a while and may start experimenting soon. I understand how brutal this is.