Skip to day in epg

Hi I'm a newbie to hd homerun and channels is there a way to go to the day of the wk in the epg that you want. Ie jump from Monday to Friday . I'm using a shield tv remote which is limited so this might be the issue

I don’t believe so but this is something others have requested as well.

Yea. One thing that is very much missing and we used in our old Comcast cable box guide, is the easy change of the guide to a different day.

With channels, u have to manually just keep scrolling to the right...endlessly, and getting back to present day,,, is a bit of a fumble to do so.

Yes definitely to me they should of nailed down a world class Epg before moving onto more advanced features. I'm trying to sell this to my wife as a great product and the first question she ask is how to skip forward a day in the epg. And i have no answer lol. The epg is something you interact with everyday so in my eyes hugely important. Oh well better let the wife go shopping to keep her happy lol