Skip While Recording (Kodi)

I have the Kodi add-on. First time playing around with it still and have noticed you can't skip while something is being recorded like on the Channels app. Is that a Kodi limitation or a setting issue?


What version of kodi? What OS?

AFAIK this is working for others.

cc @Channels2021

The latest and Windows 11.

It works as expected for me. Windows 11, g4560, 7th gen processor.
Are you playing back the recording?

Yes. I hit the right arrow key and it does nothing. Like say something is 45 mins into recording. And I want to start playing back I can’t skip forward using the arrow right key.

@tmm1 @Channels2021 Here is a video of the issue I am having. I am trying to use the skip and it's not skipping. I hit record on Lester @ 6:42 ish CST and started to play back and just try to skip and it's not skipping during the recording process.

I would try reinstalling Kodi and the Channels add-on. Something is definitely wrong. You should have more options than just a stop button. You should have a pause button and fast forward/rewind buttons. Do you have Live TV Timeshifting turned on in the player options under pvr clients?

Time shifting is turned on. I will uninstall and reinstall and will report back.

You are getting it from the official repository, correct?

I added this repository

I have uninstalled and reinstalled it add the forward and backwards button's but I want to skip using the left and right arrows on the keyboard but it doesn't allow you to only when recordings have finished is only when I can actually skip using the arrow keys. I also tried it on my MacBook Pro. Here is a video. Screen Recording 2022-06-18 at 3.57.11 - Google Drive

I figured it out. It only works when your mouse is moved away and the video playback controls leave is when you skip with the arrow keys. I wish in Kodi that you don't need to do that. I need to send them a request.

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That would screw everything up. You need to be able to move left and right when the controls are on the screen. Simply hit the back button once and then the skip forward and back will work fine. Glad you got it working. Did you ever figure out how you originally got no fast forward and rewind controls the first time around?