Skipping ads at end of recording

Is there a way to get Channels to skip ads at the end of a recording?

Comskip seems to work great at the start and in the middle of a recording, but for whatever reason, Channels always plays the ads at the end and I’m not sure why. Maybe there’s a setting somewhere that I’ve not found?

I see why they will not skip it I have had occasions where the end of a show has been marked as a commercial.

I record a show where the last segment is less than a minute and is almost never detected. 10 minutes of ads at the end according to comskip. I feel like a fisherman fishing for show segments. It is usually somewhere in the middle of the last commercial segment so it's not so bad.

This issue I have is it is successfully detecting the ads at the end, but for some reason Channels still plays them. I don't understand why. Or whether it is the intended behaviour or a bug.

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That is intended behavior as far as I know.

I guess I find that a strange choice if it is. I understand your point above about not missing the end of a show, but doesn't that apply to any other bit of a recording too? As in, com skip isn't perfect and there's always a risk it cuts a bit. I don't know why the end should be any different.

In other spots you can rewind and FWD through the commercials at the end if you autoskip it simply closes and stops playing so you have no choice to rewind a bit. Then you have to start over to see the end and forward through the whole show and hope it does not autoskip again.

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This is exactly why.

We optimize for the best experience. It might be great that your commercials are being detected perfectly, but the behavior you want is awful when it’s not.

Could the com skip floating button be left visible in these situations then?

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Protip - if you validate the commercial indexing for a recording, it will end the video at that marker since you set it as trusted.

If this is the way, it would be great to have a UI for doing this on the Apple TV. Currently kind of annoying to find something to watch on the ATV and then have to locate the same thing on iPhone to verify the commercials. Would be much better to be able to verify and then watch all on the tv.

Nice! This works well on iOS. Unfortunately, this does not appear to work on Android, even though commercials were manually marked as verified/trusted. I've tested this on a Fire TV Stick 4K, an Android TV device, and multiple Android smartphones, all running the latest beta apps (I've also tried previous builds), with the DVR server on the latest pre-release.

When Playback > Commercial Skipping is set to Automatically, the app still plays the final comskip segment of the video rather than skipping it, despite that segment being marked as a commercial and saved as verified. When set to Skip Button, the button appears when it should at the start of the final segment, but nothing happens when it is pressed and it just remains on-screen (and blocks all other interaction until Back is pressed, dismissing it). When set to Manually, double-pressing Right or Fast-Forward during the final segment marked as a commercial does not skip it.