Skipping to the tick marks

I am sure this is a dumb question but I have not figured it out. I am using the sofabaton remote and the apple tv and overall I really love the experience. The one thing I cannot figure out how to do is skip to the next 15 minute interval. For example if I have 4 hours of stuff in the buffer or a long recording, there are times I want to move forward an hour or two quickly. Right now I just have to hold down the fast forward button for a long time to get there. Is there a way to skip to the next 15 minute interval?

There is not currently a shortcut to do this.

(I know with DirecTV you can press the 30sec skip or replay button on their remotes while FF/RW to move 15 minutes at a time; this is not a feature that Channels offers.)

Though I’m no longer using it with any of my ATV’s, that’s one advantage of the Siri Remote - you can scrub through quickly.

Now I use my iPhone as a remote when I want to scrub plus I have a couple Shortcuts set up: skip 10 minutes & skip to end.