Sleep Timer Broken

The sleep timer does not work correctly. no matter the duration that is picked, it will sleep in 1 minute. The UI confirms that it will sleep in 1 minute instead of the 3 hours (or any selection) that was selected.

diagnostics submitted.


Yep, I blew it. I had 60s hard coded in there for testing :rofl:

New build coming out tonight though.

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New build is out with this fixed.

This is also still happening on the iPad client.

What version number is shown in your app under Settings > Support > About

I'm running Channels Beta 8.13.146

You may want to update to a current version. There have been 12 or so beta releases since the version you're using. And there was a new stable release 9 Sept.

Odd...I had auto updates turned on in TestFlight... I updated to 9.12.117, but the sleep timer issue is still there. I enabled it for an hour and it turned off after 1 minute.

I submitted diagnostics, if that will help with troubleshooting: aa62fc86-cefc-4d40-8aaf-8bccd3256624