Sleep while watching a recording


My wife seems to always Sleep her Apple TV while watching Channels. Either Live or a Recording.

I noticed this today after my wife had been gone for at least 30 minutes. I had to turn her TV back on and exit the play back of the recording to cause it to leave my DVR Activity. Normally I would not notice this but wanted to install a new dvr version. Do you not know when an Apple TV goes to Sleep?

Watching recording Inside Edition S31E214 2019-07-04 Bear Crashes Family BBQ 2019-07-04-1900.mpg from


I haven’t run into this at all.. are you saying the Apple TV is going to sleep while actively playing a recording? I wouldn’t be surprised if it did if the recording finishes and it goes back to the menu, but wouldn’t expect that during playback.


No. My wife will put it to sleep by holding the TV button down and say sleep. Maybe the DVR sees it as a pause and does nothing.


I see the same thing, we shut our TV off by sleeping the appleTV (which passes the TV off signal through HDMI), so I see this once in a while when my wife watches as well. Only time it causes a problem for me is lately with the frequent beta DVR updates for TVE, it won't until the playback is stopped.


I use a Logitech Harmony Hub to control everything. As part of "Watch Apple TV" Harmony Activity, I have added an automatic "Home" button press when this Activity is stopped. This makes sure that anything that was actively playing is stopped before the system shuts down. I let the Apple TV go to sleep on its own, due to inactivity.


There’s no hooks in the SDK that notify when at TV has been turned off or the Apple TV has gone to sleep. So yeah, this is what ends up happening.

While I know it’s a crummy suggestion, using home automation is a great way to get around this. If you can tell when your TV has been turned off, just send out a command to Channels with the Channels API to stop playback.

@Ogiewon’s solution is good too for Harmony users.