Sling TV Announces Free Premium Channels for Summer ‘Freeview Weekends’

On Tuesday, [live TV streaming] service [Sling TV] announced the launch of “Freeview Weekends,” which will give subscribers access to a different premium channel each weekend through August of this year. The deal will begin on Friday, June 24 with the full suite of [Showtime] channels.

Note that this only applies to their app and will not work via TVE or Channels.


Hi there,
I'm wondering if Stremium users can enjoy the free premium stuff?
Wish we had a docker for Sling. would solve this one.

Dunno, you can ask Stremium developers if you have questions about Stremium.

Docker does not magically make things compatible with Channels. These services are not compatible at a technical level which has been mentioned several times.