Slingbox demise: iPlayer/Virginmedia alternative?

HI there,
Wondering if Channels is for us.... Here's our situation.
We spend a fair amount of time in the UK and have a Slingbox there. We pay a TV Licence fee which allows us access to all terrestrial channels and BBC iPlayer. iPlayer is a feature the BBC have which allows users to 'catch up' to watch recent programs, series etc. iPlayer is not available outside of the UK and using VPN's to access it is not legal. We also have subscribe to a Virginmedia package of channels and we can watch all of this on our TV when home in the US using our Slingbox and Firestick.
The Slingbox connects to our Virginmedia supplied Tivo type recorder and we can record and play them remotely - all entirely legal.
Slingbox owners, Dish, have just announced discontinuance of their services from November, 2022 so the search is on for a replacement.
Will Channels fit the bill? Will we be able to watch BBC and use iPlayer through our Virginmedia device or otherwise?
Thanks in anticipation for responses!

Channels will not be able to re-create the experience you describe since it has no way to interoperate with iPlayer. It requires a SiliconDust/HDHomeRun brand tuner that you connect to your antenna or cable feed. But if an HDHomeRun tuner is able to receive the live programming you're interested in, the ChannelsDVR will be able to record it and make it available for you to watch remotely from anywhere in the world.