Slow DVR Performance on 4th Gen Apple TV


@Marino13 Do you mind running the curl tests again with the latest DVR pre-release? I'm testing here and it seems fixed now.


I can try this weekend. Out of town right now.


The fix for this is available here: Channels DVR Windows recordings lags when skipping


I've noticed this problem too. AppleTV 4K since the latest update to tvOS. I don't particularly want to go messing with the windows settings since this PC has a lot of duties besides PVR. But it looks like you have a release imminent that can fix this?


We were unable to fix this on our end. The same code in our app seems to work fine against Mac and Linux servers, but not Windows. So it looks like this is a bug in Windows and the only workaround is to disable autotuning on the OS network stack.


This was not an issue early on in the Windows Channels DVR days. I used it from day one of release for several months (maybe even over a year) before I started having this problem. What changed in the code that it worked fine in the beginning and doesn't work now? Seems to me that if it was this autotune issue it should have acted this way in earlier releases.


I'm still not exactly sure, but I think there was a Windows update along the way that broke something. The TransmitFile function used to send files efficiently started behaving differently since Windows 10 build 1803

Others started noticing issues last summer as well:


The server I used for this (WHS 2011) has not had an update installed on it since prior to using it for Channels.


Good to know. My hunch is that the workarounds added to fix the broken behavior on newer Windows builds is causing performance degradation on both old and new builds.


I've only been using AppleTV/ChannelsDVR(windows) since late 2018 and experienced no lag, it's only in the past 2-3 weeks that it's been an issue. Everything otherwise up to date.


I've been having issues on my Apple TV 4K lately with doing the same thing. The DVR is running on my MacBook Pro. I ran the speed test and got this: Speedtest


It is also freezing up every few seconds during playback. Nothing else being used to stream at this time.


25MBit/s speedtest points to a network problem. Maybe your Wi-Fi is overloaded or a neighbors router is interfering.

We strongly recommend wired Ethernet for the dvr and TVs if possible.


This only is ever an issue with DVR playback locally. I run so many streaming apps that do 4K video with no problem. I run the speediest app on the Apple TV itself and it always shows 50. It never stutters at all except for playing back a recorded show from the computer.


Probably anything else you are steaming is compressed, so requires much less bandwidth than uncompressed mpeg2 video, which is what channels is usually streaming when you are within your house.