Slow live connection and slower TVE

In the last couple months I have had two problems from my remote location:

Live OTA is slow coming up (>10s), often just won't, and often doesn't show the option of watching the recording in progress. Watching the same program after it is recorded is just fine. Live programs often freeze after a few seconds, and often when a recording starts, if the channel was selected just before the recording time. If (seldom) watching the recording is offered, that always works great.

TVE is very slow connecting (>30s), and often won't until restarted several times. Manage channels shows all permissions are good.

Server is a 4-core Intel NAS, and the server and client have been updated regularly in the hope the problem will get better. It has not. Client is a Shield. 20Mbs uplink and only asking for 4Mbs, bufferbloat is A+.

Out of ideas on what to try.

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Any errors shown in the DVR web ui log at the time of these issues? Since you’re remote and using non-original quality, pretty much everything you watch is being transcoded or processed in real-time by the NAS. Have you tried any different transcoding options on the clients or server to see if the behavior improves or gets worse?