Slow load time

Hey just curious if anyone else is having the spinning circle/ loading screen when you start the app?

Usually the app opens directly to the guide, however the past week I have noticed a spinning / loading screen when I start the app. Usually takes about a minute to get into the app now.

Platform: Nvidia shield pro.
Connection to HDhomerun prime: ethernet
Router / switch: Nighthawk


If you’re not using the DVR anymore make sure to uninstall it so the app doesn’t try to connect to it.

Uninstalled the DVR and I am having the same problem. Even deleted and reinstalled channels client

Tested on my 16gb version and it loads instantly

Can you submit diagnostics

I just turned the whole shield off and unplugged for 5 mins. Turned it back on and it’s working again idk why. Sorry and thank you for your time.

If it does it again I’ll let you know and submit

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When open channels DVR 3.2.23 it will take 2.5 minutes to open. Tried powering down Aptv with no luck. Only change was router reboot the other day.

Diagnostic log submitted

Where is your dvr running?

Local Synology server.

Update. Remotely app opens fast. Locally very slow.