Small Windows PC

This would likely make a good Channels DVR server, you’d just need to add storage. $99 while supplies last.

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Thanks for the heads up.

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This is exactly what I did. Purchased something just like this, popped in a Nvidia Quadro P400 and a larger hard drive. The P400 can hardware transcode 4 streams (if needed), and the PC handles everything else just fine.

I have an old Surface Pro 3 that the touch screen has died. Will this work as a Channels server?

These mini PCs seem like a good little option too.

Probably. What kind of processor does it have? If it’s an Intel processor that supports quick sync it would likely work just fine.

It's an i5 processor. I don't know what quick synch is.

It’s a feature on many intel CPUs:

Wikipedia link

Your processor almost certainly has it. It helps a lot with transcoding video, if that’s something you would need often.

I moved my server to a Surface Pro 4 with a USB3 external drive and it works great.

Outstanding! Thanks for the reply. That means I dont have to but a thing!