Smithsonian Channel on FuboTV

I have a subscription to FuboTV and have the upgraded package that includes the Smithsonian Channel, however, it does not pull in to the list of channels with I load FuboTV as one of my sources. Is there a way to add the stream? I'm using an AppleTV 4k device.


Does the Smithsonian Channel have a live feed? I couldn't find one on their web site.

I have Smithsonian Live on FuboTV. Here is a screen shot of my guide.

I understand. However, if they do not have a TVE compatible stream on their web site, it won't work with Channels DVR.

Smithsonian does not have a live feed, therefore they don't support TVE. I have Fubo, but the only two channels I ever have to watch directly on Fubo are Simthsonian and Sony Movies. That's just the way things are.

Thank you for the information. I've added the Smithsonian app on my Apple TV and it works great and has all the content I was looking for.

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I just noticed that Smithsonian Selects has been added to PlutoTV.