SoC: (Mediatek) MT5893 4xARM Cortex A73 @ 1500Mhz with Mali G71 GPU Android TV (2018 Sony XBR-75Z9F)

The Sony Android TV has a powerful CPU, why does the Android version seem crippled compared to the FireTV 4k stick? The FireTV 4k works very well mostly. It does however play at what appears to be 8 frames per second that is fixed with a skip Fwd or back.

-With surround sound on, 480i channels fail to play unless I skip back once. HD channels seen to play fine but will buffer randomly after some time so the only way for it to wish right is with surround off. The lip sync never gets in sync, is always slightly off.

-One last thing, can you enable DD5.1 Passthrough so it's surround only when the broadcast is 5.1.

Thanks! That's it for now.

Updated OP.

Sounds like there's a bug in the audio driver on that TV's implementation of Android OS. If you submit diagnostics from the app after the issue occurs we can take a look, but these types of issues are hard to debug and we can't go out and buy every single buggy TV on the market for testing.

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It's very easy to reproduce. Turn on surround sound and play a non HD channel. Personally I think it's a buffer issue. I will send a log in a few and post here when I do.

Log sent. I went into 2 different 480i channels with surround sound on after a restart of the TV.

Did you get the log? Any comment?

I'm having similar issues with my 2018 Sony TV and have had to disable Surround Sound, which is unfortunate considering that I have a 5.1 speaker setup. Hopefully the Android issues with Surround can be resolved soon.

Even with Surround off, I still get frequent short hitches in the video. Audio is not affected, but the video will freeze for a fraction of a second and then catch up.

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These guys don't seem to care honestly. I don't have the same issues with HdHomerun so they can't blame the TV although they like too.....

Still messed up. Even with surround sound off sometimes the buffer gets eaten up and there is a pause where the scrubbar comes up for a seconds and then the video continues. This is getting so annoying that. There is a problem with all 2 streaming devices I'm using it on. Crazy!

Just to add, the issues only happen so far with love channels, not from the DVR.

If you pause for two seconds when tuning a channel, does the problem still happen?

That cures it yes. With surround sound on it does the same but a lot sooner and can repeat itself much sooner than with it disabled

I tried to run the app boarding the DVR but the app doesn't allow that. I was going to test direct to the tuner.

It's funny how this happens while watching live programs but a recording never see this bug. The recording itself never has the problem either.

The issues with my Sony TV are very similar in that they only occur on live programs. If I start a recording, then immediately watch from the recording, the playback is perfect. Is there something different about how the caching works on live programming vs. recordings?

I think when watching LiveTV the buffer is on the local device.... Your TV.

I agree, even HdHomerun folks had buffer issue with 1080i content. The only way they were able to fix it was give me a beta that had the buffer disabled.

I have just uploaded a video player log at 858am EST. I have a live channel playing for about 12 minutes and about every 1¼ to 1½ minutes the player would freeze for about 2 seconds and then catch up. Sometimes the time-bar would come up and sometimes not. Again this ONLY happens when playing live channels. Shows I record on my DVR don't do this.

I'd like to know why I don't have a hardware option for hardware transcoding on this TV. It is every bit as powerful as the Shield and more powerful than the FireTV Stick 4k.

Hardware decoding is used by default on Android. Some devices offer a software option because the hardware is known to be buggy.

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