Sofabaton U1 learning from LG "wand" remote

Greetings all. After several hours of hit and miss effort I have successfully been able to link six devices to the Sofabaton remote. One of those is an LG 47LA7400UD TV. I can do the normal channel change, volume up/down, but would like to go a step further and design a macro to control other functions such as input selection. Problem is, this model smart TV uses a "wand" type remote that lets you select these other options by waving the remote to control an on-screen cursor to make selections. Has anyone found a work-around to make the Sonabaton learn these actions? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

I believe those commands are sent via RF, which the Sofabaton does not support.

An additional note: IIRC the macros can only contain IR commands; a macro cannot contain Bluetooth commands.

Thanks so much for your help. The universal remote market is super confusing. Thanks again.