Soft landing instead of a crash - guide navigation

When scrolling through the guide the speed increases and never goes down resulting in a funny crash effect when reaching the end. Can we start slowing down when getting closer to the end as an option? Being able to set the max speed would be nice too. Or scrolling by page. I think the current top speed makes me dizzy.

Another nice option would be looping in both directions so going from the highest channel to the lowest would not require scrolling through the entire guide.

I think it depends on the platform. Guides on my platforms Nvidia Shield and Fire TV Cube loop forever till I release. So the option is there. Also the speeds may be determined by type of remote. I use the original remote on the Nvidia Shield scrolls one line at a time, where I have a Air Fly Mouse and does the scroll quickly and perfectly and also by page by tapping the channel up and down buttons.