(SOLVED) Can't Control Channels from iPhone Home Screen

Got an iPhone 13 this week. Now I can no longer control Channels from the home screen. Kind of mystified since I set this new phone up as a "restore from backup" from the old iPhone 11. Any advice is appreciated.

Check under the control center?

I can get to the remote in control center. What I am missing is the the ability to see and control what is playing on the home screen. I've attached an old example I found in my archive that shows a podcast I was listening to at the time. Channels DVR will do the same thing. But with my new iPhone I've lost this display. How do I get it back? I'm sure there's a setting I'm overlooking. Thanks!

This is a feature of the Apple TV and iPhone talking to each other. The Channels app has nothing to do with it.

You should attempt to control your Apple TV again with your new device to get the pairing working again.

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The Apple TV....Duh!
Got it working. (Settings > Remotes & Devices > New iPhone)
THANKS for the assist, Maddox!