[SOLVED] iPad app opens and shuts instantly, known issue?

Hi all. Love channels, had a subscription for a couple years but actually using it more and more lately. I installed the iOS app, it's totally up to date as of this morning. Running iOS 16. When I run the Channels app, it starts to boot and then crashes closed and sends me right back to my home screen. It never even shows me the splash screen. Any thoughts on the cause or trouble shooting this?

I’m using the Channels app on my iPad running iOS 16.1.1 right now and it’s working fine.

The first troubleshooting step I would recommend, is deleting the app and reinstalling it fresh.

I'll give it a try. But I (literally) just installed it last night.

Aaaaaand of course that worked. LOL Thanks

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We've seen this sometimes where the App Store messes up the install and the app won't launch.

This is wild. We've been seeing this in TestFlight as well.

I also saw this after I migrated to a new phone this fall. Many apps would not launch and required a re-install. It's not something I've ever seen happen in the past.