Some Bugs on Android TV for Virtual Channels on Videos

  1. Some Videos show as Stereo and some don't on the TV and yet they all show up as Stereo in the browser. They should be consistent. I believe the browser is correct as they do sound Stereo. First picture shows a music video as NOT in Stereo, 2nd picture shows it in Stereo in browser and 3rd shows how it should appear.

  1. There is an overlap of 2 lines of the Channel name and the System Folder. (Rock & Smash Mouth)

3. In the "Up Next", it shows the Folder rather than the next Video it will play. Can we please have it show the next Video there instead?

And 1 ask please, Can we use the same screenshot that is shown in the browser as art for the videos as an option if art is not already available?

Thank you