Some Recordings not displaying

I have a consistent problem with some recordings not displaying in Recordings or Library.
Most display fine but a few never show up even though the log says they were recorded.
Newbie doing something wrong?.

Not displaying where? On the server (what menu)? On your TV (what hardware)?

You need to be more specific.

Not displaying on app (nvidia shield) in RECORDINGS or LIBRARY or on pc
The pc lists 4 recordings but the app only displays one.

Could you screenshot the two so we can see what's missing and where.

2021/02/14 20:00:00.358649 [TNR] Opened connection to 106BAC01/0 for ch7.1 KABC-DT
2021/02/14 20:00:03.826238 [DVR] Recording for job 1613361600-12 from 106BAC01 ch7.1 into "TV/American Idol/American Idol S19E01 401 Auditions 2021-02-14-2000.mpg" for 1h59m59.981236245s
2021/02/14 20:00:03.833193 [DVR] Refreshing metadata for American Idol (187350)
2021/02/14 20:00:03.949900 [IDX] Generating video index for job 1613361600-12
2021/02/14 22:00:00.345708 [TNR] Closed connection to 106BAC01/0 for ch7.1 KABC-DT
2021/02/14 22:00:00.350130 [SNR] Statistics for "TV/American Idol/American Idol S19E01 401 Auditions 2021-02-14-2000.mpg": ss=100% snq=100% seq=100% bps=7620983,2055968-13314912 pps=723,196-1259
2021/02/14 22:00:00.382350 [DVR] Finished job 1613361600-12 American Idol
2021/02/14 22:00:00.500947 [DVR] Processing file-82: TV/American Idol/American Idol S19E01 401 Auditions 2021-02-14-2000.mpg

Log says it recorded American Idol but that recording is not shown
Masked Dancer also does not display in app in Library or Recordings but is shown on pc.

Looks like you maybe did a backup restore earlier, and those recordings weren't in the backup so its not showing up in the database even though the mpg file is on disk.

I see three .mpg files on the nvidia shield including American Idol.
How do I access them?

You could try restoring again and pick a backup which says three recordings. Or you can move the file into the Imports/TV folder and watch it that way.

I imported them.
That worked.