Some suggestions

Hi there,

We have been using the app here in the UK for a couple of weeks at home and it works quite well. Congratulations for the quality work.

Some aspects have been bugging me though:

  • on the homepage of the apple tv, when Channels app is selected in the dock, the preview pictures that appear (from my list of favourites) are pixelised and they don't have the right format (image is cropped very badly). Unfortunately, it spoils the experience
  • while watching a channel, it requires only one swipe down to display the list of channels, but at least two swipes up to make it disappear. I understand why you are doing it, but you should do it differently: have a swipe up for the list of channels coming for the bottom (one swipe down to make it disappear) and a swipe down for the other menu options coming from the top. I suggest that you look at the French app called Molotov TV that nailed it. They are not competitor as they do only OTT.
  • please add audio options while watching a channel (this apple TV, airplay players...)

Best wishes

These images come from SiliconDust guide server and unfortunately the quality is the best we get.

If you subscribe to Channels DVR then you get higher quality images that come from our provider.

Starting with tvOS 13 these are available system wide when you click-and-hold the TV/Home button.

Thanks for your reply.

I understand for the quality of the pictures. However, at least the cropping should be adapted to the ratio. You are currently using a 16/9 ratio (like netflix), but the images from silicondust are 4/3.


The only aspect options provided by tvOS is 16x9 or 2x3 (poster)

I understand. Thank you both for your replies. Cheers.