Something Wierd when selecting from the guide

IF I select something to watch from the guide it jumps to the next show in the guide ... It starts playing but is paused.

Is this perhaps the same?

Sounds like it but now it has populated over to firetv... and the show comes up paused. I have to hit rewind or ff to start it.

I thought my remote was bad ... Went back to production release working great.

I found the play button works like the select button. Just have to remember to use the play button instead of the select button.

Thanks but muscle/thumb memory kicks in rather use the release version for now.

Fixed in next beta build uploading now.


Selecting works but it still comes up paused have to hit rew or ff to play. FireTV

The latest beta just released will not even start.

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Sorry should be resolved.

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Still crashing.

Thanks. Gremlins on the build server.

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Everything is fixed now. Thanks