Sony Bravia (AG8) Channels 3.0.0 Crashing

I'm having some troubles with v3.0.0 crashing every ~30mins. I keep sending the diagnostics via settings. It generally seems to happen when playing content (either (edit live TV) or a recording). In some cases the app will just restart but in others it completely locks up the TV forcing me to hard reboot.

Any help is appreciated.


Under Settings > Playback > Advanced what is Video Decoder set to?

@tmm1 It's set to hardware. I tried software and hybrid but it was just unwatchable (stuttering constantly). Whats interesting is that live TV seems to be ok now and its just recorded content playback. I checked on the DVR server and I had "Old Transcoder" option set so I tried turning that off but it didn't seem to make a difference for recorded content playback issues.

@tmm1 any ideas/updates on this one? Thanks.

Does the official HDHR app work fine?

Is the problem on live or recordings or both? Was there any issue with Channels 2.x?

@tmm1 sorry for the slow reply. It's just happening on recorded content. Live TV is fine. I had no issues with 2.x.x. the HDHomeRun app is also fine. Cheers.