Sony Bravia Android TV not playing files written with mkvmerge

I told a friend about recording some episodes of Covert Affairs from Start TV and mentioned that I had never seen season 1. He shared the first few episodes with me and our Sony Bravia Android TV will play the audio but not the video via Channels DVR. I've tried the Hardware, Hybrid, and Software playback settings with no luck. They play fine on all my other devices, but I noticed that when I tried to save them out of VideoRedo that VRD crashed during the saving process (it played the files fine).

According to MediaInfo, these are HEVC codec mkv container files written with the mkvmerge v20.0.0 64-bit application through the StaxRip v1.7.0.6 frontend, Files I've written into HEVC mkv with Handbrake play great on the Sony Bravia.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

BTW - I use Streambaby to play network files through our TiVos and they play just fine that way as well.

Submit diagnostics after playback