SONY XBR65 850F tv

So I have an opportunity to purchase one of these (demo model) for about 680 (orig it was 1299). Is it worth the investment for either a better picture or other aspects to spend the money. I love sony but am on the fence about switching since i'm using firesticks every where currently. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Does this have android built in?

It's really convenient having it built in, but it's slowww. I have a 42" 8xx model and it's pretty frustrating.

If you really love Fire TV, just plug one in and use that. If having android built in is curbing your decision to get this TV, I'd skip it.

Thank you for the swift reply. Yes this is a 2018 model, but your note about it being slow is interesting. I admit its nice having the same ecosystem everywhere the wife goes...makes it easy for her to understand where things are. I was thinking the sony might be faster, but maybe i'll just look for a 4k tv (not smart) and use the fire TV. I have Vizio's currently. They work ok, but the aspect change on some channels is frustrating.

Always always always have a single platform to make it easier for the family. heh!

As always thank you sir for the input. Also thank you for rolling out the skip commercials button on the IPAD. I found it last night and it works great! How soon before thats on the firestick?

It'll be coming soon.

Again sir, Thank you and have a great weekend!