Sort Video Collection

I have videos in a collection number like so “1 - PreRenal azotemia”, “2 - Hemodialysis”, etc…. On the server side they are placed inascending order correctly. However, on the iphone app, they’re all jumbled. Am I missing something, or is this a bug?

You would need to use labels like S01E01, or you can go in and edit metadata to add episode numbers on the already-imported files.

I see. I had changed the episode number but not the season number, now it works. But this should be changed, shouldn’t it? After all, these are videos not TV and by definition don’t have season/episode numbers. Plus, now I have to go through 90+ videos and change the metadata

Actually, as I added more it’s still looks goofy. This is under Library/Collections

I tried Movie Collections and Show collections but the bigger my collection became the bigger mess it was as they are not sorted. At least sort by title. So I gave up and removed them.

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This is just the mechanism that’s at your disposal. You can also add original air dates to the videos and sort by thst.

The Alphabetical sort, sorts by title.

Sorry I think I posted in the wrong section ... I do not think sorting is available in Android yet.

Man I changed the dates on a bunch of them and tried to sort by date released. This is what happens.