Sorting Channels DVR Pass Recordings

My search skills are prob lacking–but couldn’t find anything on the topic.

How do I sort my Pass recordings? Default is to list the most recent recording first. I’d rather sort oldest to newest… as one would logically view a series.

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Bueller? Bueller?

I think you’re referring to the list of episodes inside a show?

They are sorted by newest first and there is currently no way to change this. Most of the views in the app put recent content first so it’s easy to get to.

Thanks–you understood my question as well. As a feature request, ability to sort oldest to newest air date would be great.

I get behind on shows, and its not uncommon for me to get five+ shows behind (or worse). Not a major deal, but if I could have the oldest air date as my first selection, it would save my thumb from having to click past the more recent episodes.


You should be able to use the Up Next section to find the next episode per show to watch. Inside the show you can also click Watch Next to start watching where you left off.

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Yah, this would serve you best for this case. Skip browsing the shows completely. Let Channels do the work!

Also, if you had it sorted oldest first, once you’ve watched half of the episodes, you’d be in the same situation in terms of scrolling through lots of episodes.

Definitely take advantage of and lean into Up Next, it’s there to completely avoid any kind of browsing slowness.

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I second this request if only for the sake of not being able to get used to the way it is set up now.

I am speaking of web view where viewing a TV series. I would like it to sort episode list oldest at top or bottom either way. then newest on opposite end.

I thought this was the way that it worked for a while and then it seemed to change?

I guess I would call it sort by air date (which it is) but I would think “Air Date” means when the episode originally aired (sequentially). Not the air date based on when it was recorded.

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I’d like to chime in, I don’t see that the recordings in the ‘recordings’ section (not the 'watch next) are sorted at all, this is especially problematic for shows that air daily, or (in my case) the Olympics, where I might want to skip a recording or two, but go down the list of recordings.

They’re ordered by recently recorded. You can sort by name in the expanded section.

I would like to request a user selectable sort feature as well. For example, I am recording all episodes of The Big Bang Theory. (there are a bunch of them) We are then watching them from the beginning of the series. We are now up to season 3. So I would like to see what is recorded for season 3 and watch those in order. Any chance of this happening?