Sound problem with HomePod minis since updating

Since updating AppleTV to tvOS 15.5 with Channels 5.4.1 and my Intel iMac server to 12.4, I am getting occasional sound stuttering and lagging on my paired HomePod minis (15.5). It seems weird, and I’m not sure why, but it seems to start when comskip starts on the server. I’ve seen it with both recording and live TV. Stopping Channels on the Apple TVdoesn’t fix it, neither does quitting the app. Restarting the AppleTV does seem to fix it. ChannelsDVR version is 2022.05.18.2345, it happened on the previous version too. Everything other than the HomePods, is hardwired on a 1Gb network. Before the updates it was rock solid.
The server logs show nothing, other than comskip…

2022/05/22 21:45:00.354514 [DVR] Processing file-2971: TV/Railroad Australia/Railroad Australia S02E09 2022-05-22-2029.mpg
2022/05/22 21:45:00.663460 [DVR] Running commercial detection on file 2971 (TV/Railroad Australia/Railroad Australia S02E09 2022-05-22-2029.mpg)
2022/05/22 21:46:16.188061 [DVR] Commercial detection for Railroad Australia S02E09 2022-05-22-2029.mpg finished with 14 markers in 1m15.620296526s.
2022/05/22 21:54:25.809632 [SYS] Created database snapshot: backup-20220522.215425
2022/05/22 21:54:25.810033 [SYS] Removing old backup backup-20220430.094010
2022/05/22 22:04:07.585976 [TNR] Opened connection to 1252EA18/0 for ch12 10 BOLD
2022/05/22 22:04:45.219447 [SNR] Statistics for ch12 10 BOLD: ss=100% snq=100% seq=100% bps=3995098,124832-4793248 pps=344,11-412
2022/05/22 22:04:45.224588 [TNR] Closed connection to 1252EA18/0 for ch12 10 BOLD
2022/05/22 22:05:32.037632 [TNR] Opened connection to 1252EA18/0 for ch12 10 BOLD
2022/05/22 22:18:59.954934 [DVR] Waiting 45.07ms until next job 1653229140-177 NCIS: Los Angeles
2022/05/22 22:19:00.007308 [DVR] Starting job 1653229140-177 NCIS: Los Angeles on ch=[12]
2022/05/22 22:19:00.007384 [DVR] Waiting 1h24m59.992621s until next job 1653234240-168 The Blacklist

It's fixed - An update to my post.
Problem seemed to be because AppleTV was connected via 1GB switch, and not directly cabled to the same 1GB (WiFi) hub as the iMac and HDHomeRun. Switching to WiFi reduced it so that stuttering when comskip was running was hardly noticeable. Updating AppleTV and HomePod minis to V15.5.1 has fixed problem. Ethernet connection is now OK too.