Source sort order bug

@tmm1 @eric @maddox I think I found a bug with source priority being pushed down from the server.
I noticed that my sources were not in the priority that I set (pic1). Pic 2 (my ipad but it is the same for my apple TV's) shows the sources are all in the wrong order.
Now here is where it gets crazy. I removed all of the sources from the server side setting and then re added them in the order I wanted. This worked sort of OK, the clients all updated. The HDHR sources were correct but the m3u sources were not in the correct order. I thought no big deal as it didn't matter with m3u. So I chalked it up to a glitch and went on my way. Then I went to the sources in settings and noticed that I had one source that was not in my preferred place. Nothing big but I moved it (not in client settings but in regular settings of the server (pic 3).

After I did this the clients went back to their wacky sort order (pic 2). It seems like the client is not honoring the client setting after all.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Do you have this checked ?

Ok I unchecked that and now it is pretty close to being what I have specified in the list (it is still slightly out of order but OK for the most part). Wouldn't these 2 settings directly conflict each other? Seems like there should be one setting that either inherits or overrides source priority

No the selected has nothing to do with the order ... just Tuners that you want to make available.

then its a bug because when you enabled these 2 settings the order changes and turns wacky. I removed all of the sources and just left inherent selected. Now the client matches the server priority exactly

I'm seeing this even without the Server Side\Sources being set. The client screenshot below is from iOS (not test flight), but I also see this on all of my tvOS devices (again, not test flight). Also running latest pre-release build.

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