Spatial audio doesn’t play well with experimental drivers

Hello all

I just upgraded my Apple TV 4K (first gen) to TVOS15.

I have been eagerly waiting to try out spatial audio with the Apple TV. I’ve been using it with my AirPods Pro on my iPhone for a while.

I think I’ve run into a bug on the beta Apple TV app. Using latest prerelease on server.

But first, can someone please verify that on the release app (not the beta) , there is no support for spatial audio, with or without the experimental audio driver? This is what I observed.

Now on the beta version , latest version with iOS fix for iOS 15, when I used the experimental audio driver, I see something called “spatial stereo” when I monitor the airpods pros via the control panel UI on the Apple TV - and it gets enabled. Spatial audio doesn’t work on my system with default drivers

However, I’ve noticed that in order to get a video playing, it can take several button presses before playback begins. The audio appears to follow the spatial audio head tracking once the video plays so this is exciting. However the transport seems broken.

With some further experimentation, I then tried the experimental video driver along with the experimental audio driver, and confirmed a complete video hang when used in conjunction with “spatial stereo”. This is repeatable and not just intermittent.


1: spatial audio and the combination of both experimental drivers aren’t playing well together. If I disconnect the airpods, the videos play as expected and transport controls work again, and when I use the airpods, it hangs again.

2: spatial audio in combination with just the experimental audio driver works better, but takes several button presses before playback begins.

Hope this helps.

This bug should be fixed in the latest TestFlight build. Please see BETA: Audio improvements for Apple TV and iPhone/iPad and report your results there.