Spectrum Choice and Sports

Has anyone had success with Spectrum Choice when it comes to Disney, ESPN, and FS1? I'm able login via a browser or streaming player app (ATV), but I'm getting a "not authorized" on the Channels DVR server (same in logs). Even tried to rescan just those specific channels.

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I had no Trouble when I had choice. If you can log in directly, there is no reason it shouldn't work with Channels.

Something seems to be going on with the authentication because CNN, TBS, and TNT show up.

You might have to give it time. When I first signed up it took a few days to get all the channels. Keep trying edit give it at least 3 hrs in-between

Thanks. I'll give that a try. Trying to supplement Philo with Spectrum Choice.

Ask if Spectrum will let you bundle. I pay $40 for TV locked in for 2 years. I did have to buy their Apple tv though

I did the bundle, but trying to find the right bundle that pleases everyone is the key :slight_smile: (wife, kids, then me).

I finally got my perfect mix done today. OTA with HDHomerun Prime, Philo, Spectrum Choice for sports along with all the channels that are missing from Philo (Bravo, Oxygen, SyFy, TruTV etc.). Got all 3 sources working with Channels so it is now one big seamless "Cable" looking and feeling package running through my NAS. Wife is happy and that was key :grinning:. 2 year price lock on Spectrum. Bonus is being able to use The Spectrum TV app throughout the house to all the other TVs.

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I’m trying to run a similar setup here. Only needed Choice for sports and Disney. Since Spectrum offers local channels, it’s a great backup for OTA channels during bad weather.

Same here. Spectrum choice for locals and fill-ins for Fubo (Turner stuff mostly)

How are you guys getting a 2 year price lock on Spectrum and what price are you locking in...contract? stipulations? secret coupons?

I usually have to do my one year dance: they give me a nice deal for Internet/TV services, for 12 months. At the end of that I call and ask for an extension, they say no, I drop TV service, two months later they send an email with the 12 month deal and I join back up. Rinse and repeat. In the two months, I just hop to the cheapest streamer. The issue, now, is our RSNs are only carried by one streamer and who knows how long that will last (either that one drops them or everybody else gets them back).

I can tell you that having Channels DVR makes that whole dance a lot smoother...I just switch TVE sources and carry on.

Spectrum allows you to lock in a price as part of a promotion; but there is no contract. Spectrum is solely month-to-month now.

One caveat to keep in mind, though: if you make any changes to your service plan, such as adding/removing extra channels/packages, you lose your previous promotions.

(I was bitten by this when I reduced some channels; I was getting 300/30 internet for the price of the standard 100/10. But when I dropped channels from my package, if I wanted to keep the rate plan, I had to pay full price again.)

I went from Silver to Select and kept it

I pulled up another house in the areas offer and they matched with $10 more. The crazy thing is they must know something about your income or something because I tried one neighbor and they got different offers at about half the price, they wouldn't match that.

They gave me the ultra internet price lock ($45) for 3 years and Choice for 2 (speak with their retention department). If you don’t have an antenna (but need local channels or not in a Locast market), Lifestyle TV ($45 without promo, similar to Philo channel lineup and no sports...but can be added for a fee) or Choice TV ($35 without promo...pick any additional 10 channels you want) is the way to go which includes the major broadcast networks. No live streaming service provides all major networks (in my area) through TVE on Channels DVR. Add Philo ($20) and you get just about everything comparable to Fubo (less sports) or YouTube TV when a Spectrum promo ends. The catch for Spectrum is that you have to use their internet for Lifestyle, Choice, Essentials (no locals or sports option...basically Philo), and Stream TV (locals included but additional channels are only the most popular channels in your area...sports can be added on). I use the Spectrum app to watch missing local channels and you can add DVR service ($5-$10) if needed. It’s the best option if you need all local channels, have no antenna or in a bad reception area. Add in their broadcast fee ($16 or $8 depending on the Streaming service you select) and that puts you back into YouTube($65) and Fubo ($60) territory. Vidgo ($45-$55) offers only some locals depending on where you live, no DVR, and their app on ATV needs a lot of :heart:. It’s the cheapest after Philo and Essentials for TVE if sports is a must.

I also have Choice mainly for sports, and ESPN, FS1, the NFL channel, and others don't show up on Channels TVE. I figured that just wasn't supported by Spectrum.

And I'm paying $5 per month extra for the Spectrum DVR, and it's awful, unusable actually.

Spectrum’s Authenticator isn’t as smooth as other service providers. After about a day or 2, I rescanned just those missing channels (ESPN and FS1) and they showed up on Channels. Just click the edit button, then the settings icon beside the channel not showing up and rescan it. Then I had to Rescan New Channels to see ESPN and FS1 on my channels list. Using a synology here. On the SPECTRUM DVR, I agree. You can’t even pause live TV but at least you can FF.

Thanks, MadMax! That's exactly the information I needed. I was able to add all my channels except, for some reason, FS1, which it keeps saying it can't find.

Really appreciate the help!

No problem. FS1 is the worst offender! It'll allow you to scan it eventually. Just may take another day or 2.

Just downgraded to Choice. Looks like I’m getting Fox sports Florida and Sun which are my regional sports. Don’t know if it’s a glitch, only shows are available not games, or it’s included. Anyone know?