Spectrum Feed is buffering and failing

My spectrum feed is not working anymore. When I try to stream anything from Spectrum it buffers immediately then plays for 30 seconds and locks up. Eventually it throughs an errors:

  1. Timeout after 32s
  2. Get "":dial tcp connect: connection refused
  3. Tuner Unreachable
  4. Post "https://sp.auth.adob.auth.aobe-servicese..com/adobe-services/authorize":context deadline exceeded (Client. Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

I logged in directly to the Spectrum Watch Live and it plays perfectly - so is this an issue with TV Everywhere and Spectrum?

[UPDATE] I removed Spectrum and only using Philo same thing so it must be my NAS.
My NAS maybe the culprit. Trying to figure out how to trouble shoot.

I'm migrating TVEverywhere to my desktop looks like that will take it awhile, at least that is what it says as it copies data from the NAS to desktop HHD. I'll post what happens after I get the Channels DVR Server restored in it new temporary home.

Okay, I have move the Channels DVR to my Desktop. Storing the database on the NAS. I guess the last upgrade to the QNAP TS-251+ rendered the Server to much for the NAS to handle. The Storage seems to be okay. I will see after tonight show recording passes run. Yesterday's were all DOA.