Spectrum; Inaccurate Channel Lineup Buffalo NY

I just recently setup an HomeRun Prime and Channels DVR and have Spectrum TV in the Buffalo NY market.

For the most part, things are working well. But I have found that TVE is giving me an inaccurate Channel Guide/Lineup, or at least it is for the MSG channel.

What is happening is that TVE is importing the NY feed of MSG, and not the Buffalo feed. Thus, when I should be seeing a local Sabres hockey game, Channels is giving me an NY Knicks basketball game.

When I log into Spectrum Website with my login credentials, I do get the correct guide and lineup. But TVE is giving me the NY feed vs the Buffalo feed (at least for MSG).

Anyone have any ideas or things to try?


What do you see on http://www.msggo.com/

On msggo I see the correct hockey game, Buffalo Feed that I see here on my Tivo. But TVE login in on channel is/was showing the NY basketball game.

Channels is also not showing me the SNY channel either, yet that is in my subsription and watchable on my tivo

Better to click the pencil icon under Spectrum, then Edit at the top right, then rescan individual channels which didn't work the first time.

Does the msggo app also show the correct video feed?

Yes, the MSGgo showed the correct video feed, but Channels does not.

And found the issue why it didnt' rescan it as I learned the MsgGo only allows 1 log in at time. Once I logged out of theire site, I could scan in MSG in channels again. Just wrong video feed.

On zap2it for your cable company what is the callsign shown for your local msg station?

When I enter my zipcode and then cable company, the callsign is MSGZN3

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I have the same issue. Has this been resolved somehow? I'm using DTV log in.