Spectrum News "NY1" TV everywhere?

Is it possible to add "Spectrum News - New York 1" through Spectrum's TV everywhere login. They have a 24 hour live stream that you can access with spectrum credentials, would that make it a possibility? The only thing that makes this unique is I think they have a Spectrum news station for every region they have available. So in theory one would be able to login locally for spectrum news Austin, Orlando, etc.

Where is the website where you can watch this?


You choose region then local area and then hit watch live on the top right.

As a side note, from the looks of it my Spectrum credentials gives me access to all the available news streams including out of state.

Thanks, we can take a look.

When we tried this for Spectrum Sportsnet a while ago, it wasn't possible because their streaming is still using flash. Does the news site use flash? (I can't login since and check myself).

Ah yes it's still a flash site. I guess that makes it a no go until they update?

Yea unfortunately that' won't work. Flash is dying so hopefully they'll get their act together and update to something more modern.

Thanks for the reply. Hoping they'll change it up sooner rather than later.

It appears that Spectrum NY1 has recently updated their web player to no longer require Adobe Flash.


On mobile it redirects to their iOS app but I am able to stream just fine via Safari on my desktop.

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That's good to know, hopefully this is able to make its way into the channels lineup

They’ve opened authentication to all users on their app now too. Even broadband users with no tv can stream out of market. Not sure if that works on the website or not yet

I’ve heard back from Channels’ support and unfortunately NY1’s new streaming implementation is incompatible with Channels.

It seems they've changed their system. They appear to be using a new web stream that works in a generic HTML5 web player after an Adobe Pass (TV everywhere) authentication.

Would someone be able to take another look?

Edit: After logging in, it gives an m3u link:

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You could try it with Custom Channels

How did you get the m3u link?

I’ve attempted custom channels, but it shows up as zero channels in guide.

I got the m3u by inspecting source on the page after logging in.

Spectrum News still has DRM protection on their live streams. The "fp" in the URL you posted is for Apple's Fairplay. Odds are whatever HTML5 player you were using has the ability to automatically fetch the sample-aes key referenced in their m3u8 renditions.