Spectrum Offers TV Subscribers Remote for AppleTV 4th gen above for $12

FF/RW work for me when holding the button down (not just clicking to skip)

Can a non-customer buy this remote? Asking for a friend :slight_smile:

I’d expect not because they bill it to your account…

Correct. It didn’t work for me previously but that may have been related to a beta.

But, all the apps on ATV that I’ve tried it works as a toggle so it’s inconsistent in Channels.

I got mine today. Can't see how the guide button will work, it opens the Spectrum app wherever you are.

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You’ll need either the beta app or version 4.5.8 for the guide button to work. Once you have that then the guide button will display the quick guide in live tv or the full guide from a recording.

Ok. Not sure if I want that. Does it only work in the Channels app?

It works with other apps also

I tried others Apps, it just opens the Spectrum app

Dunno. I don’t have the spectrum app installed.

It's useless for some apps. The directional buttons don't work. Nice Channels made it work I doubt the others will

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Are you saying the Guide button has the ability to launch the Spectrum app even from the home screen?

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Yes, Actually it does it even when in other apps

That is interesting, I have the remote and just downloaded the Spectrum app, but I don't have a login. Without being logged into the Spectrum app, the guide button does not open it.

Since the ability is there, I wonder if it can be programmed to work the same for Channels (assuming the Spectrum app is not installed) or if this is another "special feature" that Apple only allows select apps to implement.

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I have this remote as well and I like it, especially the backlighting. It's a good size/weight with a grippy(ish) back. On my ATV 4K (2021) when I am on the main landing page, pushing the guide button launches the Spectrum app. Once in the Spectrum app pushing the guide button will open the guide.

In the Channels app pushing the guide button will open the guide in Channels, nice.

Bonus, pushing and holding the guide button anywhere on the ATV will launch the Spectrum app, even from within Channels.

On another note, besides this remote Spectrum is also offering the new ATV 4K (2021) for $108. The combo of the new ATV 4K and the Spectrum Siri remote for $120 is unbeatable, especially since they ship the ATV with a high speed HDMI cable and deliver it overnight (freight included).

Can't believe I'm saying this.... I 'um' like Spectrum? :rofl:


Yep Spectrum is really stepping it up. I have their Choice package. After all the fees and taxes with Hbo max, with Regional Sports it's only$46. Plus I call every year to get the bundle to get $20 off internet. I got the remote, probably will go to the store to get the new Apple tv. I'm done calling them.

I called in and was told $180, was this a promotional price?

I called in twice and both times was told $180 also. I then went to Chat with them and it was confirmed at $108 and I ordered two of them. Try Chat!

Do you need to be a Spectrum TV subscriber in order to get that deal, or is being a Spectrum Internet subscriber only, enough to qualify?