Spectrum TCM TVE not working

Yes, thank you for all your excellent work. Channels DVR developers and the support they provide really is special.

Absolutely agree. Thanks for the fast turnaround!!!

Lost this today along with some others...

Just tested TCM, seems to be working okay.

"Requested content is not included in your subscription".

I just started getting this error message on the Watch TCM website. I checked after it stopped working in Channels.

Am I the only one with this Spectrum issue?

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My TCM on Spectrum is working. Even rescanned it fine. Watch TCM website also works with Spectrum credentials (both coasts).

Working here, too. It sounds like you'll have to call Charter to figure out if something changed with your sub. When I call them, I would typically have the TCM website dialed up like you did and let them know that I can't login directly.

Thanks. That seems to be the only channel not working. NFL Network worked fine all morning. It has only been two days; I will call them next week.