Spectrum TVE broke on beta?

One of the latest beta's seems have broke Spectrum TVE for me.

I removed the source, added it back and I get chrome failed to start errors.

Going to some individual TVE channels and logging in on their sites lets me log in.

Using Spectrum TVE with no issues. CBS had an authentication problem a few days ago, but that was fixed by CBS in less than a day.

I did drop Spectrum Internet but still have cable. I would imagine TVE is tied to the cable subscription.

Does it work on nbc.com/live hgtv.com etc?


I got it working. I'm not sure what part of this fixed it but I did the following:
Rebooted PC running Channels DVR
Open Channels DVR web gui on the server PC
Added Spectrum TVE as a source and entered user/pass. Authenticated and it found channels.

For whatever reason going to the Channels DVR settings page from a different PC wasn't letting me authenicate or it was the server reboot.