Spectrum TVE Food Network channel disappeared

Does it work on https://www.sciencechannel.com/channel/food-network


But it works on this url Watch Food Network Live - Start Streaming FREE Now!

The DVR stream comes from the first URL. You will need to contact Spectrum to fix your package.

I guess I'm confused. It was working until recently. Did something change?

Yes, the streams were moved to use that new site.

What do I tell them to fix? My spectrum account shows that that channel is already part of my streaming package.

Is science channel in your package?

I would report it on https://gohelp.discovery.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (or live chat on that site), and send them a photo of what you see on both URLs

The science channel is not listed in my package, but the food network channel is. So are you saying that I now need to add the science channel in order to get access to a channel that I already have access to? That makes no sense.

No I didn't say that.

The science channel website now lets you play all the discovery channels. Others on Spectrum are able to watch food channel on that website, even without the science package. Something is different about your account that's causing it not to work.

The problem is that the science channel is not part of my tv stream package so now that the DVR URL was changed I have lost a channel that used to work. I suspect there are some other channels that probably no longer work as well. Why was the url changed when the old one still works?

It was changed because of problems with Spectrum where you get locked out if you channel surf between the discovery channels.

The issue is not related to the science channel. Discovery is moving all their sites over to a new style, and sooner or later the same will happen to the Food network site too.

Do you have the animal planet in your package? Can you watch on https://www.animalplanet.com/channel/food-network

Yes, that one works

My Discovery channel is still working as well.

Been following this as I lost some discovery’s as well. What fixed mine logging in on the science link above and while that tab was still open rescanned my missing discovery’s. This is the first time I have been able to have more than 3 discovery family channels at once. So you can log into the animal planet link above and while it’s open in a tab rescan your food network. I think that will fix you up. My missing channels were also showing not in subscription error like you. What I did:

  1. Log in with spectrum acct on science above(use animal since science wouldn’t let you in)
  2. Updated password in dvr server with the same password already in use
  3. Rescan missing discovery’s in dvr server.

Wow! That worked. Thanks so much. The wife is happy again, lol.

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Yep, that one tames the cookie monster (by clearing the chromedata folder which must hold stale cookies)

I was aware that doing that clears the cache and I had updated password and then rescanned and it wasn’t working. Only after logging in to the links would it work. So excited to have 9 discovery channels at the same time. It has always limited to three even after the backend changed.


This solution worked for me as well: Updating the password in the Channels DVR server with the same password already in use


This fixed my issue as well. I also noticed that I'm no longer limited to 4 channels in this package, I can authenticate them all now. Added bonus to the backend change over I guess.